Cloud Security Alliance Publishes Cloud Security for Startups

The Cloud Security Alliance Israel chapter recently published a whitepaper titled “Cloud Security for Startups” which aims to help Software-as-a-Service Startups (SaaS-SUs) gain and maintain customer trust by building solid security foundations at an early stage of the product development process.

Specifically, the report elaborates on the three phases of a startup’s lifecycle, from inception to growth, and then to maturity, and suggests controls relevant to SaaS-SUs based on their current phase of development. Written to help company founders, CTOs, product managers and architects, the report divides controls into three domains: application security, platform security and security management. Additionally, the report addresses best practices and tips for choosing cloud platforms.

The white paper details the best practices of cloud security, from selecting a cloud service provider to applying appropriate security controls to your environment. Click Download to get a copy of the “Cloud Security for Startups” whitepaper.

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